To help you find the best materials for your project, we have carefully selected high-grade suppliers from Northern Europe and the UK. We will work with you to find something really inspirational within the richness and diversity of their ranges.


Red Bricks

Red Bricks

Brown, Grey, White and Black bricks

Brown, Grey, White, Blue and Black bricks

Buff Bricks

Buff Bricks

Brick Selector

Click on the brick icons to see our lively palettes of colours and textures.  Within the diverse ranges of our suppliers, you can find everything from classical brick colours to elegant greys and creams.

Peteresen Tegl logo

Petersen Tegl

High calibre bricks from a Danish brickworks founded in 1791 and still run by the same family. These exclusive bricks are water struck and coal-fired, a process which adds vibrant light and dark shades. read more..

Roben logo


Legendary facing bricks and clinkers from Germany. More than 1500 high-grade products, from hand moulded facing bricks to charismatic clinkers, made from some of the best clays in the world. read more...

Vande Moortel logo

Vande Moortel

Flemish brick in unique colours and sizes for walls of allure. Bricks, including handmades and long sizes, can be complemented by pavers from the same clay source, allowing landscaping to flow seamlessly into brickwork.. read more...

Ibstock logo


Choose from over 500 bricks produced by Britain's largest brickmaker. The range includes traditional stock bricks full of character and elegant long linear bricks with a contemporary feel.. read more...




This group owns most of the UK's premium brick and clay paver brands including Blockleys, Charnwood, Freshfield Lane and Michelmersh, providing you with endless design possibilities. read more...

Architectural Stone


Architectural Stone

Standard and bespoke architectural details in cast stone can enhance an elevation out of all proportion to the cost. We source architectural stone from leading UK manufacturer Forticrete.  read more...

Clay Pavers


Clay Pavers

Take your brick project from the vertical to the horizontal. We offer an exceptional choice of high quality pavers from the leading continental and UK producers. read more...

Brick Specials

Brick specials

Brick Specials

Whether you need standard or bespoke special-shaped bricks, or precast brick-faced units such as chimneys and arches, we can provide the solution. read more...


EBM mortars


Be confident you’re specifying the right mortar. EBM supplies lime based and cementitious mortars suitable for all types of brickwork. read more...