Clay Pavers

Vande Moortel clay pavers2European Building Materials offers an exceptional choice of high quality clay pavers from the leading continental and UK producers.

Whether you are looking for warm earthy tones or striking blues, greys and creams, traditional rectangular pavers or the distinct visual interest of long narrow formats, we will help you find the best solution to meet your hard landscaping requirements.


Vande Moortel clay paversNatural clay paver colours and textures add warmth to a project, while their small unit size and bond pattern contribute human scale.  They can take brick aesthetics from the vertical to the horizontal.

Areas laid in clay paving can complement or articulate the elevations of a building and unify private or public space, whether it's a domestic driveway, large area of urban paving or a heavily trafficked commercial area.


bstock paverNatural beauty is matched by outstanding performance for a long lifespan, with high strength, durability and anti slip/skid properties.  Clay pavers are colourfast throughout and can be laid in a variety of bond patterns using flexible or rigid construction.