Enveloped entirely in clay shingles

Architect-developer Tikari Works has transformed a prominent but dilapidated corner site facing Peckham Rye Park in south London into a stunning apartment building. The distinctive Rye Apartments scheme comprises a two-part building of 10 apartments separated by a sunken courtyard and unified by their roof lines, colour and materiality.

The CLT framed building is clad in rust-red clay shingles, forming a seamless transition from wall to roof that is monolithic and sculptural. Handmade in Denmark and supplied by London-based European Building Materials, 10,000 Petersen Cover clay shingles envelop the building in a single skin, gliding over the façades and roofs and blending with the red and brown brickwork of nearby buildings.

The architect says the façade of clay shingles not only embed the buildings into their red brick Victorian context but create an urban composition that appears familiar yet new. “Through a process of transformation, the buildings share a sibling relationship with their neighbourhood and with each other, without relying on pastiche or obvious reference.”

Dry construction techniques are used throughout the project.  The installation of large format Petersen Cover clay shingles is low-tech and reminiscent of traditional pantiles, allowing for easy recycling or reuse.

Photos:  Jack Hobhouse



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