Lightweight Cladding

European Building Materials offer two innovative lightweight cladding solutions. Both combine the timeless beauty of a natural clay facade with modern technology and offer substantial savings in time and money over conventional construction methods.


Vidar – for elegant facades and roofs

Vidar lightweight clay tile cladding systemVidar is a clean and elegant lightweight cladding system using natural clay tiles. Fast and simple to install, this inexpensive system is completely recyclable and designed in accordance with Cradle to Cradle environmental principles.

Designed in Denmark and made in Germany to BSEN 1304: 2013, Vidar can be used for both facades and roofs, providing a seamless transition from wall to roof. The system allows for solar panels to be integrated flush with façade or roof elements.

The natural clay tiles come in seven architect-selected colours, from dark yellow and red-brown to black-brown, black, blue, grey and white. The firing process produces an incredibly beautiful range of nuanced shades, with the design possibilities further enhanced by tile surface variations, from smooth to rustic to horizontally corrugated.

Made from 100% inorganic materials, the Vidar lightweight system weighs only 40 kilos per square metre and is assembled in 3m lengths.  It has been tested to a height of 25m and resists winds up to 40m/s.

The 75mm thin wall comprises clay tiles mounted on an aluminium backing system. Build-up does not require wet trades and can result in fast construction – up to 14 m2 per hour can be fitted by a single, low-skilled operative.


GRC – with the appearance of conventional brickwork

 GRC and brick facadeA lightweight GRC brick-faced cladding system to accommodate virtually any brick slip from our extensive range of high-quality clay facing bricks.

The slimline, lightweight façade is an attractive option for re-facing existing buildings or for newbuild construction on site or offsite. Honeycomb GRC backing moulds can be created for large format panels or to replicate the most complex of profiles.

Virtually all of EBM’s brick range is available as equivalent brick slips, without any variation in colour, texture or size. Any brick bond can be accommodated. Typical wall thicknesses are 15-20mm according to the GRC backing profile thickness.

The GRC (glass reinforced concrete) backing is approximately 80% lighter than precast steel reinforced cladding, leading to significant reductions in the cost of the structural frame and foundations. It offers greater versatility due to its superior compressive strength and flexural properties and, unlike steel, glassfibres will never rust.

The new cladding system is available for lightweight mounting using different fixing methods. It can be used for timber frame, steel frame and traditional blockwork construction.


Cover – exclusive tiles for facades & roofs

A new clay tile from Danish brickmaker Petersen can add an original and distinctively modern look to both facades and roofs while maintaining the advantages of clay products.

The large format Petersen Cover clay tiles are handmade, using different combinations of English and German clay, and are fired at very high temperatures. The new tiles come in 14 standard colours, from warm reds to beautiful shades of brown and grey.  Their unique production process ensures an irregular surface texture.

The tiles are maintenance-free and can be recycled. They come in two sizes, 528 x 170 x 37mm and the slightly wider 528 x 240 x 37mm. Installation is a low tech, dry process, and reminiscent of pantiles which have been used for centuries. The tiles are fixed to appropriate underlaying structures advised by European Building Materials.