New large-format clay tiles for roofs and facades

European Building materials have supplied a new clay tile from Danish brick maker Petersen for its first installation in the UK at Cambridge.

The large format Petersen Cover clay tiles can add an original and distinctively modern look to both facades and roofs while maintaining the advantages of clay products.

The tiles are handmade, using different combinations of English and German clay, and are fired at very high temperatures. They come in 14 standard colours, from warm reds to beautiful shades of brown and grey, and their unique production process ensures an irregular surface texture.

Petersen Cover tiles are maintenance-free and can be recycled. They come in two sizes, 528 x 170 x 37mm and the slightly wider 528 x 240 x 37mm. Installation is a low tech, dry process, and reminiscent of pantiles which have been used for centuries. The tiles are fixed to appropriate underlaying structures advised by European Building Materials.

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