New Mortar Service

EBM has launched a new service for the selection and supply of mortars for your brick project. It's vital to use the right mortar with the right brick to achieve high quality brickwork. Now you can be confident you’re specifying the right mortar, and obtain it from our range of hydraulic lime, cement lime and sand cement mortars, natural or coloured.

Mortar colours, textures and profiles can greatly affect the look of finished brickwork. To avoid unattractive mortar colour variations which can spoil the overall appearance of the brickwork, use only premixed mortars.

We recommend using hydrated lime based masonry mortars to improve the hydration of the cement and the overall performance of the mortar joint, including its ability to accommodate some movement in the building and reduce the risk of water ingress. Hydrated lime based mortar is 'self healing' and protects against excessive cracking and efflorescence. Highly workable and easy to use, it provides a better bond between masonry units.

For exposed and damp conditions and the conservation of historic buildings, we can supply cement-free hydraulic lime mortars. They offer a harder and faster set than hydrated lime mortars and can set under water.



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