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Legendary facing bricks and clinkers from Germany

 Roben-Penoyre-and-PrasadFounded in 1855 by the 'Brick King' Christian Lauw, the Röben Group today has 14 brickworks in Germany, Poland and the USA and is managed by the fifth generation of the same family.

More than 1500 different high-grade products are produced, from facing bricks and clinkers to ceramic facing strips and pavers, providing enormous variety to help your vision become reality.


Roeben brick selectionMade from what are indisputedly some of the best clays in the world,  Röben facing bricks and clinkers come in a wide assortment of colours, textures, shapes and sizes to create unique and striking facades.

Products range from hand moulded facing bricks with a lively, warm and light surface to elegant greys and blacks and charismatic clinker bricks with irregular shapes and colour.


Roben stonebridge

For the purpose-built Hilltop Medical Centre in Harlesden, North London, we worked closely with Edward Cullinan Architects in the selection of Röben Oslo Pearl White facing bricks and the detailing of specials including radial angles.



Roben IMG_2313Röben publish Exemplum, a magazine focused on high quality brick architecture. You can download the entire archive at