Exquisite Brick Facades

We can help you create distinctive brick facades such as this prominent office redevelopment in Dublin, formerly the office of the European Union in Ireland.

Evocative Envelopes

Create a seamless and gliding transition from wall to roof with stunning clay shingles in a single skin.

Black Volcano

European Building Materials specially developed a custom glazed black brick to enhance an intriguing reflective brick facade.


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The Beauty of Brick

Brick has its own special qualities

Natural and elegant, brick's rich play of colours and textures brings buildings to life. A brick facade provides warmth, scale, depth and a real sense of permanence. There are hundreds of varieties available, from handmade bricks produced by traditional techniques to extruded and stock bricks.

Then there’s the intriguing pattern-making potential of different colours, textures and laying bonds, plus the colour and profile of mortar.

Brick blends easily with its surroundings and needs no decoration or routine maintenance. It weathers gracefully, mellows with age and can last for centuries. Brick is one of the most successful building materials ever devised. No wonder it's so hard to beat.

Let us help you find bricks in different sizes, shades and textures to create intriguing details for your facades, such as changing patterns, relief effects and perforations.

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Cladding innovations

Fast, light and beautiful

Introducing lightweight cladding that combines the timeless beauty of a natural clay, slate or ceramic façade with modern technology. Fast and simple to install, the new cladding systems offer substantial savings in time and money.

Choose natural clay, slate or ceramic tiles in architect-selected colours and surface variations to create a seamless transition from wall to roof. Or replicate traditional brick facades with brick slips on slimline GRC backing panels to reduce costs without compromising aesthetics and performance.

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What's more...

Lightweight cladding

Check our innovative lightweight cladding systems Vidar, Cover and slimline GRC brick-faced cladding. Reduce construction time and costs without compromising aesthetics or performance.

Architectural stone

Architectural Stone

Architectural cast stone details are ideal around entrances, openings, gables and to dress external walls.  The material blends beautifully with brickwork and adds further character and distinction to an elevation.

Brick specials EBM

Brick Specials

Whether you need special-shaped bricks or brick-faced prefabricated units such as arches and chimneys, EBM provides high quality solutions to match your brickwork.



Be confident you’re specifying the right mortar. EBM supplies lime based and cementitious mortars suitable for all types of brickwork.


Clay Pavers

EBM offers a distinctive choice of natural clay pavers from continental and UK producers. Available in a wide range of beautiful colours, textures and formats, the pavers add warmth, human scale, visual interest and long-term performance to your hard landscaping.